About the Law...

Business, Government and Councils  used to have equal opportunities legislation, from the 1970s until 2010.  It didn’t work – equal pay for men and women was going to take another 87 years!

The Equality Act changed all that.  We now have to create equality of outcome – making a real difference and showing the differences we make.  If you work for a public body (like a Council, NHS Trust, Police Force, public Museum or University), you have a statutory Duty to make equality happen.

Your Equality Scheme and Action Plan shows how you will do this in every area of your organisation, every year.  Your Equality Impact Assessments show how you are having regard for barriers and diversity when you change what you do and how you do it.

Since the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) came into Force, disabled people have the right to receive fair and equal access to services, information, facilities, employment and education as everyone else. We all have a legal Duty to ensure that happens and this Duty was strengthened by the Single Equality Act (2010) which replaced the old legislation.

The largest compensation combined award under the Single Equality Act (2010) is over £4.4million.  Failing in your Duty can prevent you accessing important contracts, stakeholders and funding, seriously impacting the trust and confidence in your organisation.  Can you afford to ignore your rights and responsibilities?  Our training, coaching and guidance supports your confident and cost-effective delivery.

The Social Value Act (2012) helps you show how you value local businesses and keep investment in your area, creating wealth and employment.  We can put a simple toolkit and training in place for you to ensure all your procurement and contracts mean you are buying social justice in everything you do.

Need to refresh your Joint Strategic Needs Assessment?  Want to co-produce services with service users and marginalised groups?  We can facilitate that for you with trust and confidence – just ask our clients:

"Really confident now about what we have to do and how to do it"

Need to ensure service users have their rights safeguarded and protected under the Human Rights Act and Mental Capacity Act provisions?  Our advocates, trainers and case reviewers can mediate, assess and deliver support to ensure safe provisions.