Disabled People...

There are 10.6 million disabled people in the UK - about 15% of the population; in some areas of the North East and South Wales, this figure is as high as 34%.

Disabled people are between 2 and 4 times more likely to be unemployed than non-disabled people with the same skills and experience.

For individual people in poverty, the national cut to welfare to March 2013 averages £2,195 per person.  But for disabled people, the benefit and social care cuts translates into a total cut of £4,410 per person.  For disabled people with the highest social care support needs and the most at critical risk of harm, the average cut in England will be £8,832. This is 19 times greater than the cut for other citizens(1).

We know that this widening inequality between disabled people and other people leads to hate crime, violence and abuse(2).

This income inequality is linked to(3):

  • Lower life expectancy
  • Higher unemployment
  • Worsening mental health and obesity
  • Poor educational achievement
  • Higher levels of crime and imprisonment
  • Lower levels of trust, requiring higher levels of regulation
  • Higher teenage birth rates

But disabled people take LESS sick leave than non-disabled people when we do get into work!  When an employer uses the Access to Work scheme, Government can help to pay for any support, equipment or adjustments the disabled person needs to work there.  And for every £1 that is invested by the Government in supporting disabled people in work, £1.48 is generated for the country.  We can help you benefit from a greater pool of reliable, exceptional talent at work.

With levels of mental health service need (including for dementia) and longer life increasing in the UK, Vision Sense is perfectly placed to assist you to solve the changing demographics, pressures and barriers in your area. 


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