Involving Folks

Involvement and consultation are crucial parts of effective organisations who meet their legal duties.

Bringing excluded people, customers or service users into the process of development in a safe, proportionate way can be achieved efficiently and confidently with Vision Sense.

Vision Sense design, organise, facilitate and evaluate consultation and involvement with disabled people. We have the experience to provide culturally competent, accessible and inclusive events that enhance your reputation and contacts.  We can provide promotional value to attract disabled people to attend your event. We have a strong history of engaging with representative groups and individuals to ensure the best outcomes and value for you.

Disabled people may be employees, customers, service users, visitors or clients; whatever their role is in your organisation, the insight and perspective offers a unique view that will undoubtedly benefit your organisation.  We work in a participative way, to truly involve and engage your visitors, service users, disabled staff, customers, residents or patients.

We have delivered proportionate and informative involvement for

  • Heritage Lottery Fund Access and Audience Development Plans
  • Historic, Listed, Graded or Sensitive Environments, up to World Heritage Sites
  • New Builds and Iconic Designs
  • Business and Commercial Properties
  • Hotels and Conference Facilities
  • Countryside Parks and Outdoor Trails