Policy and Practice

Does your organisation demonstrate a strong policy commitment to providing equal service and employment to disabled people, under-represented groups and disadvantaged communities?

Vision Sense can author or audit your Equality Scheme, Action Plan or Policies, or give specialist advice and support to your HR, CEO or Board to meet your legislative and business sector requirements.

We have the capacity, experience and qualifications to ensure your provision is led from the top, involves people proportionately and is effective and confident on the ground.  Our solutions are tailor-made and confidential; we have worked with over 45 organisations and bodies so far, to ensure they meet the requirements of their Trustees, Board, stakeholders and inspectors.  We can support you to develop one department, function, project, region, or your whole organisation.

From a policy handbook refresh, to Impact Needs Assessment, Board Checklists or Equality Schemes and Action Plans, Vision Sense can help!

A Guide for Commissioners: Making Personalisation Work with disabled people’s organisations.  This Report contains an Action Plan for transformation and an Easy Words and Pictures Guide to why personalisation is happening: