Equality and Diversity Training

Our standard is much higher than that of Awareness Training.  We help you tackle barriers with a common sense, social and pan-impairment approach; much more efficient and effective than lots of different sessions about thousands of conditions that leave your staff confused!

The EHRC recommend user-led, professional Disability Equality Training; that’s what we deliver. Vision Sense offers excellent value, benefits and outcomes for your organisation, staff and customers and has the ability to tailor courses and training to your organisation.

Vision Sense Training is excellent, accessible, educational and interactive. All of our training is tailor-made for you, with recent and relevant case studies from your sector. We deliver for different learning styles in a whole range of ways to match with your corporate style and your logistical requirements.

Our clients tell us that they see a real return on cost per head of training; recruitment costs are down, staff feel confident, valued and empowered and customer loyalty has increased.

We currently offer ...

Intermediate Equality and Diversity in the Workplace. 
EC5/2/NO/001 Level 2, One Credit.

Equality and diversity in the workplace is not just a legislative requirement…it's also good for business.
This online training course will equip your employees with a broad knowledge around Equality and Diversity in the workplace including:
  • A greater knowledge of the concepts of prejudice and discrimination.
  •  An appreciation of the difference between equality and diversity.
  • An understanding of how discrimination manifests itself in the workplace by helping the learner to understand which groups in society are most vulnerable to stereotyping and how this can lead to prejudice and discrimination.
  • A greater understanding of stereotyping and barriers to equality.
  • A working knowledge of the law and policies in your workplace that support equality and diversity.

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